AKSamba taking it to the streets

It is fair to say that the 2011 Rugby World Cup was an absolute blast for AKSamba. Thanks must go to the RWC organisers for choosing AKSamba as the preferred provider of rhythms and beats for the people. It was called the Rugby World Cup but it seems that samba was the winner on the day. Playing regular gigs is good for any band and AKSamba is in top form after a series of memorable gigs at Eden Park, Queens Wharf, the Fan Trail and the All Blacks victory parade. AKSamba sends a huge shout out and much love to the many fun rugby supporters from all over the world whom we met along the way.

As any well-informed rhythm enthusiast will tell you, AKSamba is on a mission to take the music to the streets and so was stoked to be part of the All Blacks victory parade in front of 200,000 screaming fans. A sea of endless streamers flew overhead as hysterical teenaged girls clawed at their faces and old ladies and grown men openly wept. A seething Queen Street throbbed to the booming sound of samba-reggae and the sweet smell of All Black victory. One of the best things about AKSamba is the people and to share that moment playing our music together was pretty freakin’ cool.

So normal transmission has been resumed and the suburbs return to their slumber, but not so the international beat perfectionist collective known as AKSamba. The search for rhythm nirvana continues, so be assured that while you sit there popping the bubblewrap that is your tragic little life take comfort from the fact that our team of dedicated samba ninjas are  hard out practicing for your rhythm salvation.

Break the suction and come and join AKSamba in welcoming the summer at the Grey Lynn Festival on Saturday 19 November. We are not just about the beats, as you know: AKSamba is a holistic experience full of colour, smiles and good vibes. Whether you should choose to admire the well-toned arms of our powerful surdo players as they belt out thundering beats or groove to the energy of our supremely fabulous shaker section, we look forward to seeing you and your friends there.


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