Pride, passion and AKSamba

You don’t have to be into rugby to appreciate the pride and passion that the fans of various cultures have brought to Aotearoa. AKSamba was stoked to be asked by Rugby World Cup organisers to perform for VIPs and supporters at the Samoa v. Fiji game at Eden Park last Sunday.

It was raining and sorta yuck outside but that never stopped Buck Shelford or Colin Meads and it done never stopped AKSamba neither.

Suit-clad ties and flag-waving face-painted freaks mingled together as enthusiastic rugby fans from both teams busted out all the moves to an AKSamba “A” Team that produced a performance described by our esteemed leader, the Ivan Cleary-like Darren, as “one of our very best”.

We got soaked to the skin but hardcore samba fundamentalists don’t mind because it’s all about the music, maan, and just like Samba Ninjas we, train for such possibilities.

Despite the weather it was generally felt that rhythm needed to be taken to the streets, and so we performed outside Kingsland station where amongst a sea of Pacific flavour we ran into a group of raucous beret-clad French fans complete with a samba-friendly guy on airhorn.

The rain came down on a cross-cultural Brazilian beat flavoured jam with French, Fijian, Samoaan, Kiwi and whoever else rugby supporters getting a groove on with the international beat perfectionist collective known as AKSamba. We powered through our “jungle” rhythm as much dancing, airhorn solos and shaker madness ensued.

As any well-informed rhythm enthusiast will tell you, AKSamba loves taking the music to the people and so we say thanks to Rugby World Cup organisers for asking us to be a part of the action.


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