Brazil scores shock World Cup win!

Well, maybe not, but AKSamba did score a first-round victory with the crowds at Rugby World Cup 2011. Every rugby supporter knows that “it all starts up front” and AKSamba base their game on a solid forward effort laid down by our powerful surdo section. Once getting the “go forward” it’s time to “feed the backs” and our showpony tamborim section can dodge and weave like the best of them [Oh, enough of the rugby-isms already! Ed.].

A road trip to Napier Blossom Festival where we look forward to hooking up with our Wellington Batucada and Tauranga Samba friends, more RWC gigs and our regular spot at Ponsonby Market make for a busy Sambatember. Bookmark this page to keep up with the busiest beats in town as we kick the winter blues into touch (Hmmm, off to the sin bin for you, mate! Ed.].

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