Coromandel gig

We were delighted to be invited to play at Illume Coromandel Winter Festival Of Light on 12th July. So in what seemed to be the stormiest weekend we’ve had, we packed up our cars and headed off into the rain for another wonderful Samba roadtrip.

We were kindly put up at The Culdian House – which overlooked a duckpond and was just around the corner from the magnificent Driving Creek Cafe (which would come in handy the next day).

Due to the rain, the gig had been moved indoors into the school hall. On went our glow in the dark t-shirts and Adam Ant face paint and we walked onto the candlelit stage to play a 40 minute set to the Coromandel community. It took a while for the crowd to warm up but as usual we had people up and dancing by the time it was finished.

After the set we went outside to play gentle samba beats as families let off beautiful rice paper lanterns into the night sky – luckily it had stopped raining by this point!

With our instruments packed away, the night finished with delicious pizzas from a local eatery and then 3 hours of dancing at the drum’n’bass party at The Chai House (those light up t-shirts came in handy again)

What a wonderful community festival – thanks for having us Coromandel!

Here is a video of the night