Glowing for 10,000 people

AKSamba was asked to be part of Glow: Carols by Glowstic” at Vector Arena to play along with “Little Drummer Boy” and then burst into action with our samba style of drumming.

The crowd was buzzing at the end of our set and it proved to be one totally memorable gig for all the AKSamba team.

The experience of playing for ten thousand people was the icing on the cake of a very busy gig season for the band.

There are more photos here.




My first gig

I was feeling an energetic combination of nerves, anticipation and excitement when I arrived at the Roller Derby on Saturday night for my first gig with AKSamba. The girls in helmets playing rugby on roller blades spurred me on, as too did the other band members. We played an awesome set at half time. I was buzzing. The crowd was fantastic. So there we go – I survived my first performance (alongside 3 other newcomers). Bring on the next one…

Kate at the Roller Derby

Roller Derby Gig on Saturday, June 23rd

Once again we are getting dressed up to play at half time for the All Girls Roller Derby at the Auckland YMCA on Saturday, June 23rd.

Last year we had a blast and it went down as one of the best fun gigs of the year.

Come along to support us and watch the roller derby too, which is great entertainment!

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Workshop coming up!

Want to try out samba?  We have a workshop coming up in April!
See our workshops page for more details and a sign-up form.

Here are a few quotes from previous workshops………

Once again . . really, really, really had a ball!!!!! The others who came with me loved it . .   and the only complaint is that we didn’t want it to finish!!! PLEASE have more one-days and 4-weekers for us!!! We are all getting together in a few weeks (including a few others who were at the workshop) to have a DRUMMING DINNER!

I had an amazing time on this workshop!! The teachers were fabulous and it was such a great opportunity to meet new people.  There was a perfect balance between teaching the rhythms and playing time!  I felt that we had a good opportunity to try out all of the different instruments and the atmosphere was fantastic! The only negative would be that it is over now!!

just to let you know, it was a fabulous experience for me! I thought it was brilliantly run. The teachers were fun, clear and inspiring to follow. All the AK Samba people were wonderful instructors. I will be recommending the workshop to lots of people.

Summer gigs

The new year has been a busy time for AK Samba, with one road trip and several gigs.

We were invited to play at the Bethells Beach Community Day, which was a blast. This is a special place and the band went for a stroll along the beach after an energetic gig.

A week later the band hit the road to play a couple of sets at the Boardies & Bikinis Festival near Raglan. It is great to play when you have the audience right on your sides and dancing to your beats.

Check out the video

We have some private bookings to play but our next public show is a busk for Plunket on March 9th at 5.30 outside the Downtown Westfield on Queen St.

Then we play at the International Cultural Festival on April 1st followed by the Jambalaya Festival at Easter.

Watch out for our next workshop which is planned for April!


AKSamba says Feliz Navidad and have a nice break

The AKSamba group and whanau would like to extend our best wishes to all those individuals and organisations who have contributed in some way to a stellar year of samba-induced madness. 2011 has been a busy year for the group and we now pack away the earplugs, hang up our chocalhos, break out the bikinis and hit the beach for a well-deserved few weeks off.

However, intrepid reader, do not fear for your 2012 rhythm redemption as the new, improved, sunkissed AKSamba travelling roadshow experience will emerge from under the pohutukawa, fitter, faster, stronger and even more unbelievably gorgeous, ready to slave our souls in the search for samba nirvana.

Post guards on the watchtowers and look out for AKSamba as we kick off our 2012 schedule with gigs at the Auckland Botanical Gardens and Raglan’s Boardies and Bikinis festival.

AKSamba taking it to the streets

It is fair to say that the 2011 Rugby World Cup was an absolute blast for AKSamba. Thanks must go to the RWC organisers for choosing AKSamba as the preferred provider of rhythms and beats for the people. It was called the Rugby World Cup but it seems that samba was the winner on the day. Playing regular gigs is good for any band and AKSamba is in top form after a series of memorable gigs at Eden Park, Queens Wharf, the Fan Trail and the All Blacks victory parade. AKSamba sends a huge shout out and much love to the many fun rugby supporters from all over the world whom we met along the way.

As any well-informed rhythm enthusiast will tell you, AKSamba is on a mission to take the music to the streets and so was stoked to be part of the All Blacks victory parade in front of 200,000 screaming fans. A sea of endless streamers flew overhead as hysterical teenaged girls clawed at their faces and old ladies and grown men openly wept. A seething Queen Street throbbed to the booming sound of samba-reggae and the sweet smell of All Black victory. One of the best things about AKSamba is the people and to share that moment playing our music together was pretty freakin’ cool.

So normal transmission has been resumed and the suburbs return to their slumber, but not so the international beat perfectionist collective known as AKSamba. The search for rhythm nirvana continues, so be assured that while you sit there popping the bubblewrap that is your tragic little life take comfort from the fact that our team of dedicated samba ninjas are  hard out practicing for your rhythm salvation.

Break the suction and come and join AKSamba in welcoming the summer at the Grey Lynn Festival on Saturday 19 November. We are not just about the beats, as you know: AKSamba is a holistic experience full of colour, smiles and good vibes. Whether you should choose to admire the well-toned arms of our powerful surdo players as they belt out thundering beats or groove to the energy of our supremely fabulous shaker section, we look forward to seeing you and your friends there.


Fans come flocking for AKSamba

They are a thoughtful lot, these RWC mob. They know what works, they know how to put an event together, and like AKSamba, they know that the most important thing is the people. RWC know what the people need and that is why they got back to us. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to “activate” Great North Road. It is a long walk along the Fan Trail and the people need a non-lethal energy kick to get them along their way. We want you to “own it”: that was the word from Richie McCaw or someone high up, apparently.

AKSamba doesn’t dot down in the corner. We do contest the breakdown, but unlike the All Blacks forward pack, we don’t look to dominate. After all, AKSamba are lovers, not fighters. We were stoked when our country came calling in the need of rhythm dispensary , so of course “own it” we did. As any well-informed rhythm enthusiast will tell you, AKSamba is on a quest to take the beats to the streets, and thanks, RWC organisers, for the opportunity to do so. A sleek but rather gorgeous AKSamba entertained the sea of rugby supporters as they made their way along the Fan Trail to the big game. The positive energy of the supporters has been fantastic and is the sort of fuel that feeds the AKSamba fire. Even here in Aotearoa it is not every day that you see face-painted men in blue afro wigs, beautiful sexy dancers, a cow cocky farmer, a giant kiwi bird and a flock of people in sheep suits shaking their butts to the pumping groove of samba reggae. For two whole hours the mayhem continued as the powerful beat perfectionist collective AKSamba entertained passing fans.

And then they were gone… samba players, broken surdo skins and tumbleweeds blew across the Great North Road as somewhere a game was on.

AKSamba are in top form and perform at Eden Park next Saturday before the Wales v. France match. While we love and appreciate our many Australian friends, AKSamba says go the All Blacks!!