Sambanui Part 2

I wasn’t sure what to expect at Sambanui, but I knew that with the awesome members of AKSamba by my side, it’d be at least a great weekend. As it turns out it was heaps better than that. Not only did I learn a lot (beats and stepping) from a very experienced, professional and easygoing teacher, but on return to AKSamba practise I felt much more confident too.

Sambanui wasn’t just about acquiring knowledge. I met a whole host of new like-minded people from around the country and, paradoxically, partied and chilled out in a world away from a typical weekend back home. Based in an outdoor camp that had no mobile signal away from towns and cities also meant there were no distractions from TXTs, email or Facebook. Total immersion in a positive way.

To perform on the last day in front of the public with the 70 or so band members and dancers from other baterias as one unit, and with all the information we had absorbed in the last three and half days, was amazing and awe-inspiring.

When I joined AK Samba, I never knew it would be as much fun and rewarding as this.


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