Fans come flocking for AKSamba

They are a thoughtful lot, these RWC mob. They know what works, they know how to put an event together, and like AKSamba, they know that the most important thing is the people. RWC know what the people need and that is why they got back to us. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to “activate” Great North Road. It is a long walk along the Fan Trail and the people need a non-lethal energy kick to get them along their way. We want you to “own it”: that was the word from Richie McCaw or someone high up, apparently.

AKSamba doesn’t dot down in the corner. We do contest the breakdown, but unlike the All Blacks forward pack, we don’t look to dominate. After all, AKSamba are lovers, not fighters. We were stoked when our country came calling in the need of rhythm dispensary , so of course “own it” we did. As any well-informed rhythm enthusiast will tell you, AKSamba is on a quest to take the beats to the streets, and thanks, RWC organisers, for the opportunity to do so. A sleek but rather gorgeous AKSamba entertained the sea of rugby supporters as they made their way along the Fan Trail to the big game. The positive energy of the supporters has been fantastic and is the sort of fuel that feeds the AKSamba fire. Even here in Aotearoa it is not every day that you see face-painted men in blue afro wigs, beautiful sexy dancers, a cow cocky farmer, a giant kiwi bird and a flock of people in sheep suits shaking their butts to the pumping groove of samba reggae. For two whole hours the mayhem continued as the powerful beat perfectionist collective AKSamba entertained passing fans.

And then they were gone… samba players, broken surdo skins and tumbleweeds blew across the Great North Road as somewhere a game was on.

AKSamba are in top form and perform at Eden Park next Saturday before the Wales v. France match. While we love and appreciate our many Australian friends, AKSamba says go the All Blacks!!




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