AKSamba scares babies this Saturday at Ponsonby Market!

It is time once again, friends, to join AKSamba this Saturday as we wander the Earth like Mr Frodo or Grasshopper from Kung Fu. Fresh from roadtripping to a special guest appearance with our Wellington Batucada and Tauranga Samba friends at the Hastings Blossom Festival, we say join us as, drums in hand, we go forth amongst the beautiful people of Ponsonby Road on a samba quest.

Come stroll shoulder-to-toned-shoulder with our fabulous surdo players as AKSamba take the rhythms to the streets. Let us walk to the market as splendid agogos, united as one, to play delicious samba grooves for your funk-a-browsing convenience.

Marvel at the live entertainment, donate money to a worthy cause, catch up with a friend, make a new one :-),enjoy a tasty morsel or pick up an exclusive item from a local retailer. Whatever is your want, Ponsonby Market has something for you.

Be assured, however, dear rhythm-addicted friend, that though we may take different paths your Ponson-samba needs will not be forgotten and should all the heady distractions of the market get too much, everything starts to get a little intense, and you think to yourself, “I believe I am in the need of some serious funkin’ beats!!!”, rest assured that the pulsating sounds of the big beats of AKSamba will be nearby to take the pressure off your oh-so-busy lifestyle.

AKSamba play Ponsonby Market, Ponsonby Road, Saturday 24. We play between 11 am and 3 pm . See you there for samba!

Psst: Unnamed sources on the mean streets of the Auckland drumming scene with connections to the samba underworld have indicated that the international beat perfectionist collective known as AKSamba would neither confirm nor deny any knowledge of or connection to any group of fab-looking unbranded rhythm percussionists who may or may not be playing seriously funky booty-shakin’ beats derived from any South American Portugese-speaking country within the immediate vicinity or gathering of three or more heavily branded supporters of any oval ball pastime contested between consenting adult males representing less than three South Pacific non-continental landmass nations someday after Saturday but before Monday at some location most definitely absolutely not along Sandringham Road around 1.30pm.

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